I’m Suzy, author and editor of Fibs & Fancy of the Wabash Valley.

I enjoy my busy life. Mother of four amazing Rockstars, working at the veterinary clinic. And when I’m not playing with cute, fuzzy pets I try to keep busy writing, researching, and sneaking around town snapping amateur photos.

I hope you find something worthy in these pages and if so please let me know, if not let me know that too.

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Read All About It

I first wanted to create an inspirational blog; highlighting my personal journey toward inner growth. However that’s proven to be a much windier path than it first appeared.

Now rather than searching for direction in the answers of the universe (which by the way is utterly exhausting), I’m learning to live where I’m at. What better place could there be to embrace the joys and sorrows of this realization than right here in the Crossroads of America?

This blog is dedicated to my fancy life here in the Wabash Valley. The crossroads is a place we can share local stories or talk about upcoming activities and events.

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