The Second Season 

Spring This coming week brings the beginning of the Spring Equinox. With Winter’s last swell hopefully behind us and the forecast looking a little more- well…Spring like, I admit  I’m ready for the change.

This reminded me of a blog post I wrote in October of 2013. so many seasons have passed since then;  still these words are timeless and ring truth for whatever season we’re passing through.

If you want to read the full post you can find it here—->> Seasonal Change

However, here’s a small section I wanted to share with you today.

From: Seasonal Change

Seasons Change

No matter how much you love the season you’re in(or not) you have to know it is only here for a short while. Change is coming so you might as well be ready for it. Embrace it and all it has to offer. Every season has it’s qualities worth reaping. If you find the harvest yields an insufficient bounty, take solace in knowing this too will change in time.

We can learn from change
Not all change is bad. That’s coming from someone who has bulked and resisted and fought back futily against change through most of her life. It was not a lesson easily learned. Regardless, it’s the truth and we wouldn’t know what treasures lie ahead if we didn’t go through change to get them. Without change life grows stagnant and growth slows to a halt. At which time it ceases completely, and you find yourself stuck.

Trust me, being stuck is worse than change.

Your Season is Now
The good news is that we don’t have a reserved season. Our lives will pass through many seasons, but we don’t have to wait for our particular time to come. We can make that time now or whenever we want, whenever we’re ready. So many dreams are lost in waiting for the right season to come along.

Don’t wait.

If you don’t feel ready to dive in right away, start preparing for the day you are. Learn all you can about your pursuit. Get things lined up and be ready for a season of change.



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