Top 5 Facebook Groups in the Wabash Valley

Terre HauteThe year is 2017 and for me at least the days of watching the nightly news or reading the paper for local interest have long past. Don’t get me wrong I still occasionally read the paper, but most of my public info comes from Social Media and my local Facebook groups. One of the best parts of this modern age is how easily you can personalize the information you want to find.

Joining a few Facebook Groups is a great way to keep up to date on local events, personal interest or finding just about anything you could need. I thought I’d take a minute to share with you my 5 favorite Groups.

I hope you’ll go check them out for yourself and I’d love to know what your favorite Facebook Groups are too. Drop your suggestions in the comments below or give me a holler.

If you grew up in Terre Haute you remember 

Whatever your age or present location if the muddy waters of the Wabash run through your veins then this is home. Here is a large group of like minded folks who love this land. It’s a place to reminisce on old times or learn what life was like for the Hautians before us. I love this group for the heartfelt discussions and personal stories.

Terre Haute Area yard sale group 

Created a long long time ago… Terre Haute Area yard sale group should be your 1st stop for anything your looking for. If you’re looking to buy, sell, barter, or trade this is the place for you. It’s all local and the admin/moderators do a great job at keeping the drama and rif raf to a minimum.

Wabash Valley Outdoors

Created March 2017 This Group is a must for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Hikers, Hunters, Boatmen, or Bowmen, even amateur photographers will find this group to be as handy as a pocket sized survival guide.

Terre Haute and Midwestern Memories

Created February 2016 Terre Haute and Midwestern Memories is an active group that regularly contributes tons of old photos and other nostalgic memorabilia relevant to life in the Terre Haute area.

Haute Cuisine

Created in February 2017 Haute Cuisine is described as a place to share and compare information, comments, memories, menus, photographs and reviews about local past and present dining places in Terre Haute Indiana. I’m always looking for a new place to eat. Here you can pull up a chair and make yourself at home with a great group of locals.


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